New Paintings ~ November, 2003

What's Over the Edge (Algoma)
12" x 18" sketch
Oil Tempera on panel
    There are a number of reasons why I painted this piece, at least as a sketch. The composition works from cool colours through warm ones and then back to cool colours once more at the sky, with the exception of the red maple leaf.
    Also, as a story the piece, like the world, invites the viewer to peer over the hill into the next valley.

Other New Paintings - Evolutions

Looking for Trout

    In both of the above pieces I was interested in the process of building light with the oil tempera media.  I tend to use hot colour upon which I draw.  Next, using lights and darks, I build the lighting within the composition.  Then, using cool colours, I play complimentary colours off of one another.
    Over this I paint local colours in transparent glazes, into which one can then rebuild light and texture, resulting in a paint surface which seems alive as it moves and its light appears to move and live.
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